One Year Later

When we first started this site the idea was that we’d update it at least every few days; then at least once a week; then maybe once a month (?); then Ok, Surely We Can Manage Something Regularly; then it just fell off the radar entirely. So, here’s why and where we’ve been in the almost-exactly-one-year since we’ve posted here:

– hit the lowest point we’d been at in awhile, dealing with the fallout of a double breakup for Sawyer and Ros + a messy falling out with some very close friends, all in the span of a couple of weeks

– started a new job

– decided to stay in Ithaca and moved across town to our first real non-collegiate apartment

– met our now-partner

– realized we were too paranoid to continue putting so much of our lives online, knowing it was visible to people we didn’t want checking up on us

– lots and lots of (and then some more!) therapy

– discovered a new alter: hey, Silas~

– made some wonderful new friends

– found ourselves back in Ros and Madds’ childhood home waiting out a global pandemic

It’s been a whirlwind, but we’re finally back in a place where sharing our stories feels possible again. We’re safe, we’re secure; we’re still working through some major setbacks (a big one being that it’s now much more difficult for us to openly front around other people) but we’re getting there! If you’re still reading this, hey – thanks for sticking around. 🙂

From all of us~

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