Oi there!

Ros mentioned me some time ago and I’ve not had the chance to write my own follow up. Decided to stick with the name 9. Not uncommon for alters to have numbered names and I think it suits me. Plus it’s kinda badass, eh?

I’ve been round a couple years in an in and out capacity of sorts. Not necessarily a fragment as those tend to always be here just in a less developed capacity. They can’t often front solo far as I understand. No idea where I was when I wasn’t here. All I knew’s all of a sudden I’d be here in front with no clue where I was or what was going on round me, I’d panic, and then I’d be gone til next time.

Then in the span of a month or so the system was betrayed by a handful of people they’d deeply trusted. Sawyer’s typically the one running damage control when Ros is out of action and that was the first time they’d both been down for the count at the same time. Mal was preoccupied with keeping everyone safe and the others with looking after Percy, so there was no one to drive. That’s when I got tapped in.

It’s not a conscious choice me or anyone else made, just how a system operates. Whoever’s needed gets pulled to the front, brain does what it must for self preservation. So here I am! Got my own room in headspace and everything. That’s coming along nicely too, we’ll share more about it soon.

There’s another guy hanging round too, though they’re much more a fragment. We started a new gig last month and a couple spaces in the office are triggering for various people so Admin’s the B team work alter. Their job’s to focus and stay grounded when everyone else’s too dissociative to do so. About the extent of their duties though, and they’re not awfully active in headspace.

Reminds me, we’ve not yet been added to the Alters page of the site. We’ve really let this thing go. Sorry bout that, plan’s to do better moving forward.


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